Blackberry Cream Cheese Pastries

Forget the flowers, bring on the sweets! I know that most typical Valentine’s Day desserts tend to feature chocolate, or at least a red fruit like raspberries, but blackberries are my husbands favorite so I decided to bend the ‘rules’ a little this year. Plus we’ve been on a blackberry kick after rediscovering all those…

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Fudgy Cherry Brownies

These fudgy cherry brownies are filled with chopped chocolate, candied cherries, and dreams. Anything that combines fruit and chocolate together is on my list of must-haves, and this recipe probably takes the cake. Except these brownies are better than cake. So it’s Valentine’s Day and we’re doing it right. Something chewy and chocolatey with bursts…

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Cherry Pancakes

Cherry Pancakes, made with a buttermilk batter. I love making these when fresh cherries are at the peak of their season, around June/July. Use frozen cherries to serve these as a Valentine’s Day breakfast treat. Double the batch and freeze!

Baked Strawberry Salmon for Two

I couldn’t believe how great this turned out. The sweet strawberries gave the marinated salmon so much extra flavor! I served this for my family and they loved it!