Twice Baked Scalloped Potatoes

Always say yes to a brunch that includes scalloped potatoes, especially twice baked scalloped potatoes. Really anything with a combo of cheesy potatoes, cubed ham and cream sauce would make a perfect addition to not only an Easter brunch, but any meal any time of day. I made these to go along with a big…

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Noodle Kugel

Coming at you with another favorite Easter tradition- Noodle Kugel. Have you had this before? It’s one of the only exceptions for dinner that tastes more like a dessert. Kind of like savory crepes. I have such nostalgia for this dish. My mom has been making noodle kugel for many Easters now, and I thought…

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Banana Cake with Browned Butter Frosting

It’s happening. Easter is coming. While everyone else is getting pumped about carrot cake, I’m over here dying over my favorite Easter tradition- banana cake. Not just plain banana cake, but banana cake with a light browned butter frosting. This was my grandma’s original recipe which she passed down in her cookbook- All’s Well That…

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Carrot Cake Thumbprints

Carrot cake meets thumbprint cookies; perfect for Easter! Every bite is packed with layers of flavor- grated carrots, golden raisins, oats, and a creamy apricot frosting. There is just the right amount of spice in this recipe to let the carrots really shine through. I mean, how many times do carrots get to be the…

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Honey Baked Ham

This sweet, simple, holiday honey baked ham recipe never fails to impress. Baked with apple cider, brown sugar, mustard, and honey.

Cinnamon Rolls with Coffee Glaze

As if I needed another reason to love brunch. These delicious cinnamon rolls are made from scratch. I love the coffee glaze drizzled on these warm, pull apart, fluffy rolls!