Blackberry Cream Cheese Pastries

Forget the flowers, bring on the sweets! I know that most typical Valentine’s Day desserts tend to feature chocolate, or at least a red fruit like raspberries, but blackberries are my husbands favorite so I decided to bend the ‘rules’ a little this year. Plus we’ve been on a blackberry kick after rediscovering all those…

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Bran Muffins with Cream Cheese Filling

Muffin Monday! I feel like bran muffins get a bad rap. I used to find them boring, dense, and dry, but still worth a try considering their health benefits (I’m looking at you, fiber). I experimented until I found muffins that were incredibly soft, slightly sweet, but still textured by the nutty bran. I sometimes…

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Easy Croque Monsieur

Let’s talk about easy recipes for a sec. The kind of easy recipes that require hardly any thought or energy to prep and less than two minutes in the oven. Yes, less than two minutes. Now that’s my kind of easy cooking. These croque monsieurs are one of my all time favorite meals to make…

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Spaghetti a la Philly

This is the only way I’m making spaghetti from now on! Pasta with a creamy mix of Parmesan and cream cheese mixed in with seasoned ground beef. Serve with a slice of French bread for an easy weeknight meal.

Trattoria Tortellini

Creamy, cheesy pasta with cherry tomatoes and spinach. A Philadelphia cream cheese favorite!

Cream Cheese Chicken Taquitos

I love everything about crock pot cooking, especially the way your house smells when you walk in the door and the easy clean up! A spicy and creamy filling wrapped in a crispy tortilla.

Blueberry Cream Cheese Bread

Fresh blueberry and vanilla bread with a cream cheese and orange zest filling. Top it off with a light sugar glaze. Easy to make and fun to slice into!

Strawberry Cream Cheese Coffee Cake

I love all the layers to this moist, sweet coffee cake. Add jam made from fresh strawberries to a soft cream cheese filling with cake crumbs sprinkled on top, and enjoy!