Carrot Cake Thumbprints

Carrot cake meets thumbprint cookies; perfect for Easter! Every bite is packed with layers of flavor- grated carrots, golden raisins, oats, and a creamy apricot frosting. There is just the right amount of spice in this recipe to let the carrots really shine through. I mean, how many times do carrots get to be the…

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Sugar Cookies

I’m pretty sure that almost every food blogger, especially if they bake on occasion, has a go-to plain sugar cookie recipe. It helps to have a white cake, white bread, and sugar cookie recipe to expand on. This is mine. I use this dough as a ‘starter kit’ for more elaborate cookie recipes. It’s fun…

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Pumpkin Oatmeal Cookies

Winter is sneaking up on us, but here in Seattle it still feels like fall. There are leaves everywhere and rain, rain, RAIN. And aren’t rainy days perfect for baking? Maybe something with pumpkin and chocolate, because apparently that’s my major weakness this time of year. I always have a few cans of pumpkin on hand,…

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Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies

When life gives you cold, rainy weather, you make cookies. But not just any cookies- chewy, magical, cranberry, coconut, walnut, oatmeal cookies. The brown sugar and butter kind of caramelizes together while it bakes and gives all the fillings a nice chewy bite. I chilled the dough overnight to help it hold its shape while…

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Old Fashioned Peanut Butter Cookies

I’m pretty sure every meal should start and end with one of these peanut butter cookies. You can’t go wrong with the old-fashioned ‘crunchy on the outside and soft and sweet on the inside’ version. They are made the way they are supposed to be: fluffy, sweet, warm, and filled with creamy peanut butter flavor….

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Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Soft, chewy, chocolate chunk cookies are SO easy to make. I used a combination of chocolate chips and cut-up chocolate bars and both brown and white sugars. This recipe makes 1 dozen large cookies or 2 dozen small.

Flourless Chocolate Cookies

Moist, chocolaty, with a slightly crunchy shell and easy to make! Plus each cookie is only about 70 calories! I love making these mini versions of chocolate flourless cake.

Giant Lemon Sugar Cookies

Great to bring to a BBQ or summer picnic! These giant cookies have a soft, chewy lemon flavor and a bit of sugar crunch on top. Use floured hands while rolling the dough to reduce sticking. Also try and use fresh lemon juice; it adds so much more flavor!