Cherry Pancakes

Cherry Pancakes, made with a buttermilk batter. I love making these when fresh cherries are at the peak of their season, around June/July. Use frozen cherries to serve these as a Valentine’s Day breakfast treat. Double the batch and freeze!

Easy Dutch Baby

Also known as a German Pancake, this recipe is quick, easy, and impressive to serve for a Sunday brunch! Sprinkle with lemon juice or powdered sugar.

Maple Cinnamon Baked French Toast

Breakfast is one of my favorite meals to cook, and this one is great all year long. It’s such an easy recipe to make, and comes out of the oven golden brown and delicious!

Cinnamon Rolls with Coffee Glaze

As if I needed another reason to love brunch. These delicious cinnamon rolls are made from scratch. I love the coffee glaze drizzled on these warm, pull apart, fluffy rolls!

Brown Buttered Scrambled Eggs

This recipe is adapted from the great chef Michael Smith. Classic scrambled eggs, with my favorite flavor, brown butter. Watch as the bubbling butter soaks into the eggs and cooks them to perfection. Add a sprig of parsley or sliced chives for color.

Baked Apple Pancake

Time to whip out that heavy duty cast iron skillet. Baked apple pancake is my go-to breakfast for lazy Sunday mornings. The softened Granny Smith apples baked over a bed of caramelized sugars will have you scraping the bottom of the pot!