Cheesy Pesto Pasta

Spring has sprung, and we’re starting to crave lighter meals with bright, fresh ingredients. I was in the mood for a bowl of cheesy pesto pasta flavored with some grape tomatoes and garlic today. It’s amazing how 1 can of pesto can dress up a whole bowl of noodles. This recipe is about as simple as…

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Cheesy Chicken and Broccoli Pasta

I could tell after one bite of this cheesy chicken and broccoli pasta that this was going to be on a frequent rotation of dinners at my house. It probably took me 35 minutes, start to finish, including 30 minutes to cook the chicken. I boiled up some shell pasta and added in the broccoli…

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Three Cheese Garlic Bread

Sometimes when you have pasta for dinner, you just want a thick slice of bread to soak up all that extra sauce. I know I do, and I usually wouldn’t mind that bread to be covered in a glorious amount of cheese. Three cheese garlic bread could pair with just about any simple pasta dish. In…

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Instant Pot Macaroni and Cheese

Have you tried making mac and cheese in a pressure cooker? It’s a must try recipe for days when you don’t have much time for lunch and are feeling like a big bowl of comfort food. I’ve tinkered with this recipe a few times now to get it exactly as I like it- smooth, rich…

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Baked Macaroni and Cheese

Happy Friday! So, funny story about this baked macaroni. I made it, snapped some photos, ate it for lunch, and got SO excited to write about it that I completely forgot to put it away in the fridge. So now it’s been hours later and I’m trying to decide if it’s still okay to eat….

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Cheesy Garlic Bread Bites

My favorite cure for a case of the Monday’s. Easy-cheesy garlic bread bites made with only 5 simple ingredients! I definitely should have doubled the batch- this recipe yields 8 bites and they are going FAST. I added some Italian seasoning to the melted garlic butter, and used crescent rolls to surround the mozzarella sticks….

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Three Cheese Manicotti

Pasta has to be the ultimate comfort food. And if pasta isn’t, then cheese is, and this three cheese manicotti recipe has plenty of both. I’ve been wanting to try manicotti for a while now- I guess I was worried about cracking the delicate noodles. But as it turned out, this was a really easy recipe to…

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Easy Croque Monsieur

Let’s talk about easy recipes for a sec. The kind of easy recipes that require hardly any thought or energy to prep and less than two minutes in the oven. Yes, less than two minutes. Now that’s my kind of easy cooking. These croque monsieurs are one of my all time favorite meals to make…

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Bacon and White Cheddar Omelette

Some mornings, especially on weekends, I wake up and feel like a hearty, hot off the skillet breakfast. Those are usually the same mornings I don’t feel like spending much time prepping breakfast. So I whip out my cast iron skillet and let it do most of the work. This omelette is filled with crispy…

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Cream Cheese Chicken Taquitos

I love everything about crock pot cooking, especially the way your house smells when you walk in the door and the easy clean up! A spicy and creamy filling wrapped in a crispy tortilla.

3 Cheese Baked Rigatoni

Cheesey, golden baked rigatoni makes the ULTIMATE comfort food. I like to use a little gruyere, a little sharp cheddar, and a little fontina and top it all off with baked panko breadcrumbs. If you’re feeling adventurous, add 1/3 cup mascarpone cheese to make this dish a 4 cheese rigatoni!