Blackberry Cream Cheese Pastries

Forget the flowers, bring on the sweets! I know that most typical Valentine’s Day desserts tend to feature chocolate, or at least a red fruit like raspberries, but blackberries are my husbands favorite so I decided to bend the ‘rules’ a little this year. Plus we’ve been on a blackberry kick after rediscovering all those…

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Blackberry Hand Pies

When it’s cold and rainy outside, you’d do anything for a little bit of sunshine. I picked (okay, I watched my husband pick) a whole bunch of blackberries around our yard this past summer. I was adding them on top of pancakes, throwing them in smoothies, but soon realized there would be way too many…

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Blackberry Margaritas

Cheers to the weekend! These frozen blended margaritas are loaded with blackberry flavor and a hint of fresh lime. Take the extra time to rim the glass with lime and dip into sugar before serving, it makes a big difference.